Annual Report (Academic Year 2019-2020)

Annual Report (Academic Year 2019-2020)

Smt. Vidyaben D. Gardi High School & Junior College and Dhanvallabh English High School

I am privileged and honoured to present before you the 31st Annual Report of Smt. Vidyaben D. Gardi High School and - Junior College.)

Our aim is to impart education with a difference. We not only aim for academic excellence but also cater to the overall development of our students. To fulfill this aim, we have planned out our curriculum in such a way that the students simultaneously learn practical aspects of the subjects. The school has an excellent infrastructure and is fringed by well-equipped Science Labs, Computer Lab, Cafeteria and many more to come. We are proud to mention that our school has grown and has a strength of 943 students.

The school has a core team of 61 professional teachers who with their skill and innovative teaching contribute to the success of the institution.

Academic year 2019-20 is a very special year for us. Our school and college has been constantly achieving 100% result in the SSC and HSC board respective examination. This year our SSC student Ms. Katiyara Drishtl secured first place in our school, Mst Gauda Shreenath secured second place and the third place was bagged by Mst Gupta Prem. 8 students passed with distinction. 14 students passed with First class, 17 students passed with Second class and one student passed with Pass class.

In our HSC Batch, Mst. Dharmshi Rushabh stood First, Ms Wagh jigna secured Second place, Ms. jaiswal Disha stood Third in the Commerce section.

In the Science Stream, Mst. Sreejith Subash stood First, at the Second place we have two students, Mst. Patel Amar and Mst. Bahera Shivsagar, and the Third place was secured by Ms. Yadav Shraddha.

The academic Year started with a Staff Induction Programme which gave an insight to the upcoming responsibilities during the academic year.

Then followed the Orientation Programme for parents of students of Std X and Std XII. We also had Staff Induction Programme which was very motivating for our staff.

Orientation Programme for the FYJC students was conducted which was equally informative and made the students more familiar to our college.

The Primary Section had an enthusiastic year and there is always something that is about to take place or to look forward to. Thanks to the commitment and hard work of all teachers that we are in a position to give our pupils such a diverse and multifaceted education.

As always, the school year started well from June, the highlights being; The Yoga day, Guru Pournima, Ashadha Ekadashi, Investiture Ceremony, Independence Day, Red, Yellow, Blue & Green House days, Raksha Bhandhan, janmashtami, Dussehra, Vachan Prema Divas, Diwali, Children’s Day, Teachers’ Day, Eid, Christmas celebrations and the list goes on…

We also help prepare our students for various Competitive Exams such as SOF Olympiad of G.K, English, Maths and Science.

Following are the names of our students who have brought laurels to our institution and made us feel proud :-

  • Ms. Sanskruti Tetgure — Ill B got the 3rd Prize for Story Telling competition organized by Wees English High School — Thane.

In the International G.K. Olympiad :

  • Mst. Darsh Pravin Maske, Mst. Kartik Mukesh Gupta of Std. I
  • Ms. Hurairah Anjum Masana Sharif, Ms. Janavi Chandrakant Surve, Ms. Priyanshi
  • Ms. Hurairah Anjum Masana Sharif, Ms. Janavi Chandrakant Surve, Ms. Priyanshi Mahendra Rajput & Ms. Diksha Krushan Pradhan of Std. II
  • Ms. Anika Sunil Mishra & Ms. Sanskruti Santosh Tetgure of Std. III
  • Ms. Varsha Arbind Mourya of Std. IV Stood first in the G.K. Olympiad exam bagging Medal of Distinction, Gift worth Rs.1,000/-, Certificate of Distinction as well as certificate of zonal excellence.
  • In the English Olympiad Exam:- One student from Grade 3 and 26 students from Grade 4 has been qualified for the Second Level English Olympiad exam which will be conducted on 11th February, 2018. All the above students stood first in the First level of school rank and 4th at the Zonal level.

Congratulations to students! Keep It up

This month also brought in another good news, when our Primary Section has been declared as the ‘A’ grade school as per the Shalasiddhi report conducted by the NEUPA (National university of Educational Planning and Administration)

This year our School and junior College participated in the following competitions at the T ward level: Essay writing, Group song, Drawing, Reading, Mono-acting, Elocution, Folk dance (junior and Senior group), Lezim and Band. We also participated in T ward Science exhibition for junior Science group guided by Mr. Nilesh Yadav, Senior Science group guided by Ms. Vaishali Dhotre and a project on Population Education by Miss Sonali Rane.

Our school participated in National School Science Congress in the junior group guided by Ms. Swetha Sharon and Senior group guided by Mr. Ravindra Yaday. The topic of the Science Project was ‘Health Hygiene and Nutrition:.

  • We have participated in various inter School Competitions. To name just a few,
  • MS paint and Maths Quiz in Seven Isles Cambridge international School.
  • Street Play in Hindi, Elocution in English, Hindi and Marathi and Chess Competition in Sharon English High School.
  • Elocution competition, Handwriting, Essay Writing in English, Hindi and Marathi in Wees English School.
  • Story Writing, Drawing, Marathi and English Handwiting, Essay writing, Ganapati Stara in Navodaya English School.
  • Our students participated in Essay Writing and Drawing Competition held by the Lions Club.
  • We also participated in Chess, Football and Carom Competition conducted by Reliance
  • We participated at DSO level in Badminton Competition.
  • Our students participated in Oratorical Competition held by North Bombay School.
  • This year our 52 students will be appearing for Rashtra Bhasha exam.115 students appeared for Marathi Nimnastar exam. 3 students have given the Neltas exam
  • We have 19 students appearing for the Std V Scholarship exam and 15 students appearing for the Std VII( Scholarship exam.

    The School and Junior college celebrated various days like Yoga Day, independence Day, Vachan Diwas, Constitution Day, Gandhi jayanti, Republic Day, Teachers’ Day, Maharashtra Day. junior College also celebrated Cultural Even. such as Traditional Day, Saree Day, Tie Day, Food and Decoration Day and various competitions such as Rangoli, Tattoo Making, Quiz, Kabaddi etc. ‘The basic idea behind these celebrations is developing team spirit and creating an atmosphere of brotherhood.

    As a part of My Healthy School Programme, a health checkup camp’ was organized by the Pediatric Network. This project Is conceived, designed and executed by pediatricians from all over India.

    An EVS trip was organized for students of Junior College to…store Parki School.Picnic was conducted to Sargam Water Park.

    Investiture ceremony was conducted to elect the Captains, Vice captains, Monitors, Monitress, Head Boy and Head Girl in The Secondary and Primary Section.

    We also celebrated house days namely: Red house day, Blue House day, Green House day and Yellow House day to develop competitive spirit.

    As a part of Children’s Day celebration, we had various programmes along with distribution of some gifts to our students. Wehada Grand Sports Day celebration in The Kalidas ground and the parents were invited. We were happy to see the overwhelming response from the parents of smt Vidyaben D. Gardi High School and junior college and Dhavallabh English High School.